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2018-19 Batch 

''I have been been excellently guided by Soumya Sir at Jam Coaching Centre which has helped me to get through various national level exams. Sir had helped cover every topic from bio, maths, physics, chemistry that could possibly come in the question papers. Rigorous practice sessions with many mock tests kept us ever ready to tackel any upcoming exam. Besides, we got ample opportunities to interact and discuss with senior students who were doing research at premiere institutions in India and abroad. We got help in writing SOPs and research ideas. Our sir is a gem of a person who would give every bit of support to keep his students motivated throughout. This Coaching centre is the perfect start for your research life. Anyone should definitely go for it blindly" ..........Nidhi Ray, UG student

2019-20 Batch 

"Sir is very amazing...always helping us and motivates us and supportive of us NO MATTER WHAT and is there with us through our ups and downs equally. I have never seen a teacher so reachable and helping. He guides us, putting his 100% effort , and of course also expects us to put 100% effort as well. The study material, practice sets and mock tests are also helpful" ................ Arundhati Karmakar, UG student

"Soumya Da and his team are doing phenomenal job in the field of competitive exams such as Jam, Gate , Net etc. Had a beautiful time there . All the best to Jam Coaching centre for future endeavours and wish you a very successful stories ahead." ................ Sourav Misra, UG student

"They paved my path towards being a researcher and neurobiologist. Truly speaking, their way of teaching complex concepts in a real easy-to-grasp manner was really helpful for me. Glad to have Soumya da as a friend, philosopher and guide" ...........Indrajit Dutta, UG student

"This is the only reason, I qualified JGEEBILS and TIFR Wildlife Science and Conservation exam. The so-called "professors" at my college didn't care to provide me the individual attention and guidance, something that this coaching has given"........Rohan Nath, UG student

"Wonderful place! A place where students and teachers learn together. Extremely supportive environment is provided here. Also most importantly, a person requires lots of mental support in getting through these challenging entrance exams. JAM coaching not only provides the academic materials but also mentally moulds a student as a human being, so that the person is all set to fly high themselves. Its not a mere coaching centre, but a place that molds young students into true human beings." ...............Amlan Jyoti Nashkar, UG student

"•Quality of teaching: very good.
•Teachers are very supportive and friendly.
•They emphasis on the concept-based study.
•A healthy environment for studying is provided"
........Anumita Ghanta,  UG student

2020-21 Batch 

"A good educational environment, a good platform where you will get the utmost help and care to get your competitive exams cracked" .......Amritesh Sarkar, UG student

"From teacher student interaction to being a team a group with one moto of exploring nature through scientific philosophy , excelling in different fields of scientific quests, Graduate School of Science(Jam Coaching) is a journey in itself from being a student to being part of a family.".........Sarbartha Mukhopadhyay, UG student

"The best place you can be! One of the nicest, friendliest Sir i ever had. Thank you for everything." ..........SOURANKUR CHAKRABARTI, UG student

"Joining JAM Coaching is an appropriate decision for anyone aspiring to build their career in scientific research by clearing national level entrance examinations like CSIR-NET, GATE, ICMR, JAM, GATE, TIFR, etc. or by admission to foreign universities. I have been associated with JAM Coaching since 2020 and have never regretted my decision of joining here. Firstly, the faculty here is diverse with each topic being taught by a different teacher who specializes in that domain. Secondly, there is opportunity for ample practice through mock tests which is indispensable for any competitive examination. Thirdly, the coaching centre organizes certified training programmes, workshops and internships which aid in skill-development without which a career in research is unimaginable. Besides written examinations, the coaching has separate classes solely dedicated to preparation for interviews for admission to various research programmes in different institutes which gives a clear idea of what is expected by the interview panel during admission and how to prepare for them. Last but not the least, the tremendous motivation and moral support that students receive here is admirable." ...........DEBAJYOTI DAS​, UG student

"The experience after joining this place is really very nice.Each and every faculty members are very helpful.They are always ready to help in solving our doubts.Mock tests and interview sessions also helps a lot for different competitive exams.".........Aindrila Das, UG student

"This place is where every student who is interested in research in basic sciences must join..gate/net/jam/jest coaching is provided along with interview preparation classes and personal guidance in every aspect of science and life in general..this is a place for wholesome development..soumya sir and atasi ma'am r the mentors..kindly call them for any assistance regarding any of the exams mentioned above or even for abroad admissions..full guidance will be provided"........ Arpita Dey, UG student

"The foundation of advanced studies has been laid by JAM coaching. Soumya sir is an absolutely amazing person and will help you in every way possible . I will highly recommend JAM coaching" .......Sayari Bhattacharya, PG student

2021-22 Batch 

"They have a good cohort of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced teachers that focus on multiple competitive exams like JAM, GATE, TIFR GS, COGJET etc. The interview classes are especially helpful since they prepare you for all types of interviews which many students have not faced before. They also help with international applications at the same time. All in all a good next step for your future"..............Ayush Bagchi, UG student

"I am a student of the institute for quite a time now. It has really helped me to grasp the crucial concepts of biological sciences. Sir not only teaches us with extreme care , but also tries his best to make the online learning process as interesting as possible , during the tough times of covid and lockdown . We really enjoy the classes and look forward to it !"......Mallar Dasgupta, UG student

"This coaching institution and faculty members helps us aspire and motivates us towards our goals, with vivid and clear explanations of topics making them easier to grasp and learn. The faculty members are extremely approachable and friendly .Even in these troubled times , our teachers never fail to deliver lectures and also keeps us students motivated! Personally ,the have help me gained confidence in my weak area of study. I feel lucky to be a part of this coaching institution !".......Niti Chowdhury, UG student

"Everyone here is very helpful, there is individual guidance and the research aspects of the students are given most importance here."........Jeet Mukhopadhyay, UG student

"Classes are very communicative and way of teaching is just awesome. Sir will explain the same thing again and again until each and every doubt of that topic is cleared. Every topic is discussed in detail. Faculties are really the best".....Shyamalima Bhattacharjee, UG student

"Concepts of all topics are taught in such a manner that the student is able to grasp it properly. The best kind of learning and motivation I have  received"......Sandipan Das, UG student

"Great Mentors, who provide proper guidance and attention to every student. Extremely interactive classes, aimed at inculcating a sense of inquisitiveness and critical thinking in students. This institute is ideal for students who want to ace all competitive exams and intervene with ease." .........ARKAPRAVA BHATTACHARYAUG student

"Great place to prepare for IIT JAM, GATE, CSIR-NET, TIFR, and all other competitive exams. Faculties are very friendly and approachable. Guidance regarding IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE is also provided for those interested. Very much recommended for those who seek one-to-one interaction and personalized strategies"..........Shirshadri Chakraborty, UG student

"This is a place where i have seen myself grow. Special thanks to Soumya Sir. When i joined the institute i had no idea what to do next. But with continuous nurture and personal level guidance, i now know how to handle even the toughest of situations. May it be the day before exam or the result day no calls gets unanswered. He is only person i know whoom i can count on when i am depressed at 2am in the night. Sir has not only been my guid all during this years but also a big brother to whoom i can share everything. I hold pride in being one of the student of JAM COACHING. Finally, thank you sir for the gift of knowledge and support you gave all these years. The place where i stand and where i may reach is all because of him"....... MRITUNJOY DEY, PG student

"Discussion on topics in every classes is done in details which are really productive and it helped me to get a better understanding, and in developing the concept for my PhD interview preparation and TIFR exam. Thank you to the teachers of Jam Coaching!".......Koyena Kundu, PG student

"Super productive classes and beneficial one to one session. Really helped me get a better perspective and scientific approach for my Phd interview preparation. Thank you sir!".......Supriya Varsha Bhagat, PG student

"It is an excellent place for learning and achieving something in the field of Biology. The teachers are very friendly and nurturing. They guide us 24/7 for our betterment. They not only teach us the subject but also holistically take care of our growth as researchers. With their help one can easily get into one's dream institution".......Olivia Mondal, PG student

"Just home like environment, teachers are very closely associate with a student. They are like dada and didi to you. You can share any problem with them either academic or personal they always try to give a solution for you. They also guide you for internships"........Ritwick Mondal, PG student

2022-23 Batch 

"It's the best coaching center for competitive exams like GATE,JAM, Tifr NET Life sciences etc. All the faculties are really good and helpful especially Soumya Sarkar sir, who not only teaches us concepts but always tries to help every students in every possible ways".......Sangita Dey, PG student

"I am extremely grateful to JAM Coaching for helping me in every study related difficulties.Specialist teachers of this institution always give top level teaching.In every queries they always advises the best.Their guidence are very precious for me.Still they are helping me for the best success.I am highly thankful to JAM Coaching."...............Debottama Saha, PG student

"Jam Coaching is an organisation provided undoubtedly excellent quality education. All of the faculties give there best at class time. Excellent classes, doubt solving, mock test, mock interviews session are conducted in the regular basis. There is various organisations promotes a lot for IIT-JAM, GATE, CSIR, IELTS.  Belive me JAM Coaching is the best, just keep a eye on their results.
At last, Jam Coaching will be a family, and each of every members will assure personal care to all of the student
"...........................Soumyadipta Saha, U
G student

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